Where We Are

Aug 27, 2015 by

A friend confessed that she could easily pour all her money into eating at GR restaurants. Another, smiling wryly, said quickly: “I couldn’t. I’m not sure I have the wardrobe for it.”

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Allergic to Hard Work? Examini...

Aug 26, 2015 by

I don’t drink coffee, I’ve taken ibuprofen exactly six times, and I believe that a healthy dose of germs is good for your immune system.

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How To Move To A New City In 7...

Aug 25, 2015 by

Mumbling “what have I done” to myself in my closet-sized Queens apartment with my suitcase only half-unpacked on the floor is not exactly my proudest life moment.

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Father’s Day Redux

Aug 24, 2015 by

Growing up, I occasionally went with my dad to both the hospital and the mission. I saw the way in which he interacted with the patients of the hospital and the clients of the mission.

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Aug 23, 2015 by

Never mind the over-caffeinated flight attendants, the screaming babies, the person in front of me reclining their chair into my lap—it’s really the air that gets me.

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The Importance of Being Bored

Aug 22, 2015 by

I have an operating theory that boredom proceeds greatness almost as often as the phrase “hold my beer.” I think in a culture of convenience we never challenge ourselves to wait.

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Aug 21, 2015 by

He just may be the most interesting candidate in either party because the Lessig campaign is based on one thing and one thing only: leveling the voting playing field.

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A Gunnink’s Guide to Being the...

Aug 20, 2015 by

We lazed like turtles on a sagging log, eating a mystery soup with our 3-in-1 backpacking cutlery, while Kara described her mother’s...

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Trainwreck: A Smash Hit

Aug 19, 2015 by

If you’ve got $157 to blow in a movie theater this month and a rom-com that passes the Bechdel Test is something that catches your fancy, I’d suggest Trainwreck.

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You Are Now Having Fun

Aug 18, 2015 by

Things like sex or empathy work better the less you engage with them analytically, the less you step back and watch yourself doing them.

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