Finders, Keepers?

Sep 2, 2014 by

even I can lament the anticlimactic answer to the perennial question of our youth: “Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego?” She’s sitting in a café in Palo Alto writing a nasty Yelp! review.

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Theme: Thirty Things

Aug 31, 2014 by

You might call it “stuff” or “junk” or “clutter,” but I know there are many of us in this world who take genuine pleasure from a fine teacup or an antique camera or a good pair of broken-in leather shoes.

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The Body and Blood of Christ

Aug 30, 2014 by

Another patient, we’ll call him Jay, has a delusion that he is Jesus Christ. He came into the room, holding his arms out wide and saying, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!”

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And the World Spins Madly On

Aug 29, 2014 by

I’m reminded each time I visit, call, Skype, FaceTime, Facebook, etc. my out-of-state family and friends that—as much as I’d like it to—the world doesn’t pause while I’m in dreamy limbo.

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How We Learn

Aug 27, 2014 by

I realize this sounds rather impressive, a Hebrew “intensive” packed with flow charts, tense paradigms, parsing worksheets, and a severe lack of cognates.

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Naked Italians and The Obnoxio...

Aug 26, 2014 by

Much of the time this is not a problem. But with growing frequency, the nauseating and, often, gross social gracelessness is a deliberate act of rebellion and selfishness.

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When My Parents Visit

Aug 25, 2014 by

They’d gasp at the dishes stacked in the sink in my apartment, and my mom would chide me about how I hadn’t bought any fresh kimchi for so long.

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Peter Panic Attack

Aug 24, 2014 by

I thought that, to be a grown-up, I would have to know how to do my taxes. But I think growing up is when you listen more than you run your mouth. And it’s when you forgive someone. Again. And again.

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Through Fire, I Do Wander

Aug 23, 2014 by

The question still remains I guess. What has Tinder taught me? To be honest, not too much. But it helped me to take a risk. To fight against complacency. To turn fear into hilarity.

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Matrimonial Meaning-taking 

Aug 22, 2014 by

As the eleventh cousin on both sides of my family, I grew up going to older cousins’ weddings at least annually. I grew to love attending weddings; I have always found them very meaningful.

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