Oct 21, 2014 by

I’m not sure what the secret is to knowing you’re in the right place or on the right track. I’m not sure there is one. The song helps to remind me that it’s okay not to know exactly what I want yet.

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Good Enough

Oct 20, 2014 by

I simply cannot call something finished, whether I’m re-checking a final exam for the fifth time or strategically placing a seventieth sprinkle on a Seurat-inspired Christmas cookie.

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You Already Time Travel

Oct 19, 2014 by

What if I told you there is a way to travel through time instantly using only items you already own? What if I told you that you probably already time travel several times a week?

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More Feminist Confessions

Oct 18, 2014 by

I want to defy convention. Break molds. And at the same time I want to be with my husband. And have children. And bake lots of cookies. And I hate shoveling the driveway.

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A Muttering of Ducks

Oct 17, 2014 by

I fill a basket with crisp lettuce and Swiss chard. A raspberry finds its way into my mouth. I close my eyes, breathe deep, and finally feel my shoulders relax.

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Things That Have Happened in A...

Oct 16, 2014 by

A herd of cows killed a hiker in Tirol. This might not seem newsworthy, but the hiker was German, which necessitates at least a small degree of suspicion of foul play.

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Potato Salad Diaries

Oct 15, 2014 by

September 18, 2014. I can imagine the dinner conversation now: “Is it just me, or does this macaroni salad have more parsley in it than usual?” My bad.

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The End of Things

Oct 14, 2014 by

Things are always ending and beginning, simultaneously and separately. It’s not that an end leads to a beginning—an end is a beginning. They are the same.

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Picking at the Past

Oct 13, 2014 by

I used to play the guitar. Never well, but I used to play. I did it because I had to—during the application process, I ticked a box that said “I know a few chords.” My fate was sealed.

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Oct 12, 2014 by

I miss the energy. The companionship. The routine. I miss the rah rah school spirit and the constant activity and the sense that I was always accomplishing something (seemingly) important.

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