Power Crazy Redux

Nov 27, 2014 by

See the thing about power is, God, we love to critique it but when it’s ours, we hold that shit so tightly it would cost us our life to let go.

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The Art of Pardoning Turkeys

Nov 26, 2014 by

In 2004, the president’s main turkey was named Biscuits. Its backup—because even turkeys get understudies—was named Gravy. The following year they were named Marshmallow and Yam.

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Beyond Imagination and Control

Nov 25, 2014 by

As I’m forced to reconsider the value of these objects, especially my books, I’ve noticed that I tend to place more value on familiar things, precisely because I think I can exercise control over them.

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Strange Enough

Nov 23, 2014 by

This wasn’t the first time that this had happened to me. During my second year of college, a friend from high school that I hadn’t spoken to in two years sent me a Facebook message: “hey.”

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Why I Am Going on Strike 

Nov 22, 2014 by

Our struggle is against the authorities who misuse and abuse their power. Our struggle is against the evil that enslaves the world and is manifested in the actions of the University administration.

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The Definitive Board Game Prim...

Nov 21, 2014 by

Brooklyn hipsters wearing glasses with no lenses gathered around driftwood tables, drinking boxed wine, and settling Catan is not at all a difficult image to summon.

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Nov 20, 2014 by

But the snow does not fall only on the ill-prepared. It falls on 4.0 students, kids flunking every class, and overwhelmed first-year teachers alike.

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The Bad Mother

Nov 19, 2014 by

I think if Tangled had existed when I was a child, I might not have even known to be scared of Mother Gothel. But Gothel is the kind of villain who haunts my nightmares now.

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A Letter To My GPS

Nov 18, 2014 by

And in my rising, I have come up with a solution. Jellybeans. I will follow your stupid navigation decisions to the letter if you will spit out jellybeans for every correct turn.

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Nov 17, 2014 by

The past three months have swirled by in a flurry of skimmed articles, just-caught buses, and discussions over falafel and hummus about the drawbacks of capitalism.

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